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The List of 100+ Extensions For Chrome Extensions

Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity

Top 100+ Extensions For Productivity in Chrome Extensions. Users of the Google Chrome net browser might also additionally upload functions and personalize their browsing with the aid of using putting in little packages referred to as Chrome extensions. In order to create those extensions, net technology along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have been used. Chrome extensions offer a whole lot of capability and can perform a huge variety of activities. Here we’re sharing a Complete listing of a number of the maximum famous Chrome Extensions.

It’s important that we maximize our surfing enjoy as we spend increasingly time on line. Installing a few productivity-improving browser extensions is a incredible technique to do this. We’ve organized a listing of a number of the pinnacle browser extensions to be had which could assist you live effective and whole greater activities, whether or not you’re looking to shop time, hold focus, or simply streamline your on line duties. So with out similarly ado, right here are our pinnacle alternatives for the maximum beneficial browser upload-ons!

1. Grammarly
2. 1Password
3. Bitwarden
4. Dashlane Password Manager
5. LastPass Password Manager
6. Adblock
7. AdGuard
8. Fakespot
9. Lightshot
10. Microsoft Office
11. Buffer
12. clickup
13. Clockify
14. Calendly
15. Infinity
16. HubSpot
17. Everhour
18. Hubstaff
19. Zapier
20. ChatSonic
21. Add to Trello
22. Aero leads
23. Airstory
24. Amazon Assistant
25. ANY.DO
26. Apploye
27. Auto copy
28. AutoFill
29. Awesome Screenshot
30. Bear – Markdown Notes
31. BeTimeful
32. Bitly
33. Block Site
34. Blue Canoe Dictionary
35. Boomerang for Gmail
36. Briskine
37. Bubbles
38. Checker Plus for Gmail
39. Checker Plus for Google Calendar
40. Clean Master
41. ClearURLs
42. Clippings
43. Cold Turkey
44. ColorZilla
45. ContactOut
46. CSSViewer
47. Dark Reader
48. Datanyze
49. Day One
50. Dictionary Anywhere
51. Diigo
52. Disconnect
53. Document editor
54. DownThemAll
55. Email Finder
56. Email Tracker for Gmail
57. Evernote Web Clipper
58. Extensions Manager
60. Fireflies
61. Firefox Multi-account Containers
62. Fireshot
63. Flagfox
64. Flashcards stash
65. Focus To-Do
66. Font Finder
67. Forest (Extension)
68. FoxyProxy
69. Franz Enzenhofer live test
70. Freelancer Helper
71. Gesturefy
72. GetThemAll
73. Ghostery
74. Go Fucking Work
75. GreaseMonkey
76. Groupboss
77. Guard.io
78. HealthGuard News Ratings
79. Hiver
80. Honey
81. Hunter
82. Hyper context
83. Imagus
84. Inbox When Ready
85. Instapaper Save
86. Instapaper Save
87. In Translator
88. Just Read
89. Kami
90. Kanbanchi
91. Keys for Safari
92. Keyword Search
93. Keyword Search
94. Koalendar
95. Language Translator by Mate
96. LanguageTool
98. LeechBlock NG
100. Live editor for CSS and LESS


Topmost 10 Chrome Extensions List:

There are several Chrome extensions, and the “top” ones can range relying on character alternatives and needs. However, here’s a listing of 10 famous and extensively used Chrome extensions Which are used on a Regular Basis.

  1. Adblock Plus:
  • A extensively used advert-blockading extension that facilitates get rid of intrusive advertisements from web sites, enhancing surfing enjoy and web page loading times.
  1. LastPass:
  • A password supervisor that securely shops and auto-fills your login credentials, making it less difficult to manipulate a couple of passwords throughout numerous web sites.
  1. Grammarly:
  • An fantastic device for checking and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors for your writing, be it emails, documents, or social media posts.
  1. Pocket:
  • This extension lets in you to keep articles, videos, and internet pages for later viewing, synchronizing throughout gadgets so that you can get entry to your stored content material offline as well.
  1. Honey:
  • Honey robotically searches for and applies the excellent to be had discounts whilst buying on-line, supporting you keep cash for your purchases.
  1. Evernote Web Clipper:
  • An extension that integrates with Evernote, permitting you to keep internet pages, screenshots, and articles without delay for your Evernote account for clean agency and get entry to.
  1. Momentum:
  • A famous extension that replaces the Chrome new tab web page with a customized dashboard proposing a stunning heritage image, a to-do listing, climate updates, and inspirational quotes.
  1. Pushbullet:
  • Pushbullet helps you to without problems percentage links, files, and notes among your pc and cell gadgets, allowing seamless conversation and synchronization.
  1. Google Dictionary:
  • This extension lets in you to speedy appearance up the definition of phrases with the aid of using double-clicking on them, supporting you decorate your vocabulary whilst surfing.
  1. HTTPS Everywhere:
  • Developed with the aid of using the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), this extension encrypts your internet surfing with the aid of using robotically the usage of stable HTTPS connections whilst to be had, presenting greater privateness and protection.


Chrome Extensions Advantages:

Chrome extensions provide numerous benefits for customers Which Increase Their Productivity. Check Some of the Advantages Here.


  1. Customization:
  2. By including functions and talents that healthy their necessities and alternatives, Chrome extensions permit customers make their browsing enjoy greater unique.
  3. Productivity Gains:
  4. By supplying gear for undertaking management, note-taking, time monitoring, and different tasks, numerous Chrome extensions intention to boom productivity
  5. . These accessories can resource customers in keeping agency and productivity.
  6. Enhanced Security:
  7. A range of Chrome extensions with a protection awareness provide capabilities inclusive of advert blockading, virus protection, and secure browsing.
  8. They can resource in securing your net moves and protecting you from dangers.
  9. Efficient Web Development:
  10. A range of Chrome extensions that encompass debugging gear, code validators, shadeation pickers, and different utilities to streamline the improvement procedure are beneficial for internet developers.
  11. These accessories assist accelerate approaches and keep time.
  12. Improved fabric Management:
  13. Managing and gaining access to your preferred web sites and on-line fabric is made less complicated with extensions like bookmark managers, RSS readers, and content material filters.
  14. They make it less difficult to locate stuff and preserve you organized.
  15. Language and Translation:
  16. Chrome accessories can assist with translation and language learning.
  17. They encompass functions that make it less complicated for customers to surf webpages in numerous languages, including language dictionaries, grammar checkers, and instant translation.
  18. Social media Integration:
  19. Social media integration allows customers to percentage information, plan posts, and test their social media feeds instantly from the browser with the aid of using integrating some of Chrome extensions with famous social media networks.
  20. Accessibility Features:
  21. For people with imaginative and prescient impairments or different disabilities, Chrome extensions can offer accessibility improvements.
  22. These include font expansion, shadeation evaluation gear, display screen readers, and greater.


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