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Seeking to aim the guiding equity relief companies are in a sharply competitive field can be a crafty prospect.

While it’s great to have a wide variety of plans to compare, the fact that there are now further than 600 options to choose from1 can make the process relatively daunting.

The good news is that well over 150,000 people have released equity since March 20202, and the increase in fashionability has handed vital sapience into the companies you can trust, the companies you should do away with, and the companies that stand out.

At Sovereign Boss, our exploration platoon has spent in numerous hours reviewing equity release information and putting it together in an easy- to- use format.

Sovereign Boss is a 3rd- party critic and isn’t combined with any company mentioned in this composition. The views in this composition are our own and may not reflect those of the providers mentioned below.


 Let’s find out further about equity release companies.

 What’s an Equity Release Company?

An equity release company facilitates the release of equity from your home in the form of a duty-free lump sum( and farther recessions in the case of drawdown plans).

The total value of your loan will grow as interest accumulates on the loan quantum and on any rolled- up interest.

You won’t be needed to pay back any of the plutocrat during your continuance, which means it becomes your estate’s liability once you pass down or enter long- term care.

The topmost 10 equity relief companies include popular names like Aviva and Canada Life.


 Let’s find out which company differently has made the cut.

 1. Age Partnership

Age Partnership was established in 2004 and is one of the UK’s leading providers of equity relief advice

The company has won several awards, including Best Financial Adviser 20 workers at The Equity Release Awards 2022.

The Financial Conduct Authority( FCA) regulates the company, and it follows the statements and principles quested by the Equity Release Council( ERC).

While Age Partnership does n’t give equity release directly, its counsels can reference the stylish plan for your individual circumstances.


 2. Canada Life

Canada Life is a attachment of the Great- West Life co group and traces its foundation back to 1847. The company offers savings and investment products, home finance products, insurance products, and withdrawal results.

Among its home finance options is a range of life mortgage plans offering features like denting protection, heritage guarantees, and the option to release equity from a alternate home.

Canada Life is a proud ERC member9 and is regulated by the FCA.


 3. Aviva

Aviva, one of the most well- established continuance mortgage providers in the UK, has offered continuance mortgage plans to over 270,000 people and released further than£ 10bn since 1998.

Aviva has won multitudinous awards for its equity release immolation, including Stylish Equity Release Lender at the What Mortgage Awards 2021.

Its continuance mortgages include features like heritage protection, denting protection, and the option either to admit a formerly- out lump sum or take out a plan with a drawdown reserve.

Aviva is regulated by the FCA and is a member of the ERC.


 4. More2Life

More2Life was established in 2008. It’s known as an inventor in the continuance mortgage market15 and is among the largest UK- grounded equity release providers.

Its numerous awards include Stylish Equity Release Lender – client Service at the2021/22 Personal Finance Awards.16

The company’s continuance mortgages offer features similar as heritage protection, denting protection, and impunity from Early Prepayment Charges.

More2Life is regulated by the FCA and is a member of the ERC.


 5. Legal & General

Legal & General( L&G) has been furnishing equity release products since 2014 and has eased the release of over£ 4,5 bn in equity.

Its awards include latterly Life Lender of the Time at The Mortgage Awards 2021.

Its continuance mortgages offer fixed interest rates and voluntary disbursements.

Legal & General is regulated by the FCA and is a member of the ERC.


 6. LV = ( Liverpool Victoria)

innovated in 1843, Liverpool Victoria came known as LV = in 2007 and is one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance, pensions, and withdrawal products. It has been furnishing equity release products since 2002.

The company has won so many awards, including 5- star award for Equity Relief Services for its Flexible Continuance Mortgage plan.

Its continuance mortgages boast an heritage protection option and a choice between lump- sum and drawdown plans. LV = is one of only a many lenders to offer vacation home or 2nd home continuance mortgage plans in the UK.

LV = is authorised by the FCA and is a member of the ERC.


 7. Just Retirement

Formerly appertained to as Just Retirement Equity Release and established by the junction of Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance, the company offers a customisable continuance mortgage plan.

It has also won several awards, including Company of the Time and 12 successive 5- star accolades in the Mortgage Providers order at the 2021 Financial Adviser Service Awards.

This continuance mortgage provides guests with the option to adopt further grounded on health and life factors and to profit from a lower interest rate if their home has an Energy Performance Certificate( EPC) standing of A orB.

Just is regulated by the FCA and is a member of the ERC.


 8. Hodge

Hodge was the longest- established equity release provider in the UK, having offered the veritably first equity release product in 1965.

Hodge vended its equity release business to Reinsurance Group of America in 2021 and does n’t offer new equity release plans.

It does, still, offer domestic mortgages to guests over the age of 50 on a prepayment or interest-only base, and withdrawal interest-only( RIO) mortgages. Hodge is regulated by the FCA.


 9. OneFamily

OneFamily is a collective society and as similar has no shareholders; rather, it’s possessed by its 2,6 million members.

Its continuance mortgages, available since 2016, can be taken out on an interest roll- up or an interest prepayment basis. However, you ’ll still have the option of making voluntary partial payments, If you choose the roll- up plan.  OneFamily has been regulated by FCA and its a member of the ERC.  OneFamily has temporarily withdrawn its continuance mortgage products from the request for new guests due to recent request insecurity.

guests with being continuance mortgage plans will remain innocent.


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